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In our restaurant we organize various events and business meetings. You can experience unforgettable moments including baptism, communion, birth, name day, Christmas Eve, Easter, wedding dinner or business meeting with your most important clients.

On special order we serve attractive dishes outside the card. We can prepare a juicy ham, serve homemade meats or make an elegant cake. Events are often more attractive – served at a table of 1 kg Bistecca and hot stone volcanic meat, which guests grill themselves at the table.

Each offer is individually tailored to your specific needs and budget. We are very flexible and willing to meet the expectations of our guests. Below you will find sample offers for occasional events.

Occasional menu – Proposal No. 1
Occasional menu – Proposal No. 2
Occasional menu – Proposal No. 3
Occasional menu – Proposal No. 4
Occasional menu – Proposal No. 5
Occasional menu – Proposal No. 6


Our restaurant provides professional catering in Warsaw and its suburbs. We have experience in organization of very diverse celebrations and unusual ideas of our Clients. We worked at home and in the gardens, preparing exquisite communion receptions, in offices during the conference, serving themed breakfasts for large corporations, as well by the water.

We believe that all those who have had the opportunity to try the specialties of our chef, Paweł Gajownik, will be delighted to know that we also serve Christmas Eve and Easter meals as part of a professional catering service. Below we present selected references from companies with whom we had the pleasure to cooperate.

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Bistecca Bistro