Bistecca Bistro


New menu and dry aged beef steaks

Recently to our flagship dish, which is Tuscan Bistecca, 1 kg of T-bone beef steak, we have added new offerings such as 750g Tomahawk steak, dry aged striploin (28 days) steak and dry aged rib-eye steak (35 days).

The new steak offerings are related to the start of the process of dry ageing the meat. We store meat in special refrigerated cabinets, in a fixed, constant temperature and humidity for several weeks. At this time, the natural enzymes destroy the fibrous tissue and thus the meat becomes brittle. Refrigerated cabinets with huge pieces of beef stand in the hall so they are undoubtedly a great attraction for guests who are constantly taking photos with them.

In addition to the steaks in the new menu includs. ossobuco with glazed carrots and roasted garlic, roasted se bream with lemon grass and mango chutney, mini burger with three sauces – BBQ, spicy and tomato salsa with onion, rucola salad with beef tenderloin marinated in teriyaki with strawberry dressing.

Bistecca Bistro